latest version


In the plugin package you can find 3 main files:

  • ct-ultimate-gdpr.css
  • ct-ultimate-gdpr.js
  • init.js
From version 1.5 of the plugin, the package contains also 14 different language versions of the init.js files which can be used instead of the default version of the file.
  • init_CZ.js
  • init_DE.js
  • init_ES.js
  • init_FR.js
  • init_HR.js
  • init_HU.js
  • init_IT.js
  • init_NL.js
  • init_NO.js
  • init_PL.js
  • init_PT.js
  • init_RO.js
  • init_RU.js
  • init_SK.js

For installing your GDPR plugin:

Copy the ct-ultimate-gdpr.css file from Demo>assets>css of the package and paste it on the assets > css folder of your site.


After that, Copy ct-utimate-gdpr.js and init.js file from Demo>assets>js of the package and paste it on the assets > js folder of your site.


It should look like this:


To activate plugin on the page, you must attach ct-ultimate-gdpr.css, ct-ultimate-gdpr.js and init.js files. Other dependencies (style files too) files are attached by plugin.

Once you have copied the 3 files, open the HTML file of your site. (Open the HTML file with a compiler)

In the HTML file, add these lines at the first files just after <head> tag.

<script type="text/javascript" src="assets/js/ct-ultimate-gdpr.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="assets/js/init.js"></script>
<link  href="assets/css/jquery-ui.min.css">

It should look like this:


In init file, you are initializing plugin and where you can change plugin options.