stable version


When plugin is added to the page, it starts to block all cookies until user accepts cookies. Group cookies from the group chosen will be accepted, all other cookies will be blocked.

Cookies Management

Cookies Management have 2 modes to choose from: Simple Mode or Group Mode

  1. Simple Mode - In this mode, all cookies are allowed after cookies consent is accepted.
  2. Group Mode - In this mode, there are configurable groups of cookies that the admin can set what cookies are in the group. The site users can choose which group of cookies he wants to allow to gather data.

Cookies Style

  • Popup Style - To change how the popup is styled, you can change it in: _dev > assets > js > init.js

  • Box Skin - To change skin of the popup, you can change it in: _dev > assets > js > init.js

  • Gear Icon - To change the color and position of the gear icon, you can change it in: _dev > assets > js > init.js


Group Settings

  • name - Name for the group.

  • enable - Set to true/false, disable/enable this group.

  • icon - Class for icon from font awesome collection.

  • list - Array list of text for the options for this group.

  • blocked_url - Array of scripts’ URLs for the cookies that you want to unblock. It’s for 3rd party cookies, this is an array with list of scripts links. When user accept for this group, all cookies created with scripts from this list will be created.


    Sample format on adding the scripts:

  • local_cookies_names - Array of local cookies names to be unblocked. It’s for 1st party cookies ONLY but it works similarly as url list. When user will choose this group cookies from this list will be allowed on the site.


Cookies must be added to groups to be able to accept and allow cookies. The cookie groups uses a slider to choose which group/s you would like to allow in the site. The cookies in the group that is in the slider’s border are allowed in the site.


An example is Google Analytics Tracking in group 3:

When the user wants to allow Google Analytics Tracking, user should choose the 3rd group or above for it to be allowed.


  • check_country - Set to true/false, to activate/deactivate the geolocation of the plugin.
  • countries_prefixes - The array for the countries that the plugin is set to work.


If Geolocation is activated, the plugin will only work for people that are connecting from the countries that are set in the array.



  • prevent_forms_send - When this option is set to ‘true’, forms will get a checkbox with information that need to be checked before it can send the form.

  • prevent_forms_text - Text that will be written beside the checkbox.

  • prevent_forms_exclude - Array of classes and id, Forms that are added in the array are excluded to have this checkbox.



  • dependencies - Array of dependencies that will be included on the page by GDPR plugin.


  • debug - Set to true/false, to activate/deactivate debug mode.

When this option is activated, plugin comes into debug mode which means that in console we can see:

  • 1st party cookie names (local cookies)
  • 3rd party cookies urls
  • blocked urls